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MARCH, 2020

When you are looking to undertake a cleaning or sanitisation effort to protect against the Coronavirus in your business or home, the first step is often to look for cleaning products and agents that can kill the pathogen. Products like Clorox Bleach, bleach wipes, Lysol and others including commercially available cleaning products simply just won’t get the job done.

Why is that? Because their kill claims say so.

Choosing the right cleaning agent is critical to ensuring the mitigation of risk and exposure and that requires choosing a product and manufacturer that makes kill claims without caveats, and specifically notes the Coronavirus.

Here at the Fox Group we have acquired the exact chemical that is being used on the London Underground networks and that was passed last week by the government to kill Covid-19 in 30 seconds.

We have the ability to spray and treat hundreds of square metres an hour with our specialist chemical rated equipment, combined with our expertise in internal and external cleaning/hygiene.

We can sanitise all exteriors at ground level this will include, doors, walkways, exterior walls, benches, handles and hand rails and any internal areas which are currently been used like hospitals, offices or schools.

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