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APRIL, 2021

Sadly, as we all know too well, with recent events, fire safety for our homes is an ever-growing concern in our culture and our way of living.

Fox Group have proudly been involved in securing the safety of the apartment complex Metis.

We were tasked with updating elements of Metis’ apartments to meet the current legislations of Sheffield City Fire Brigades fire safety standards. This included the installation of up-to-date heat and smoke detectors and various other remedial actions, including directional running men in line with the latest fire strategy for the building. These were instructed to ensure safety standards were met and so that each element completed made all the difference to helping ensure the safety for all the building’s residents.

We made it a high priority to pull out all the stops and have this major task completed with our usual expediency and high standards and lasting safety to those occupying each apartment. With our wealth of understanding from our in-house operatives, we were able to meet and complete all fire safety standards within the deadline given. Several principles were used in synergy to achieve unparalleled results for our client. Meaning from start to finish, the work was completed with a speedy turnaround time of 3 weeks. We feel efficiency, in completing this job, was in the best interest of our client and their residents to have the job done as fast as possible for all to resume back a form of normal life.

Andrew Fox, our Group Chief Executive, say’s on the matter:

“This job had several difficult elements whilst already been a high-profile job for our client due to dangerous ACM on the building. Our experienced team proved invaluable in terms of knowledge and turnaround time ensuring all 132 apartments and families stayed in their homes.

I’m certainly very proud of the work our teams did here and are a true testament to the resilience and work ethic within our organisation.”

Statement by Andrew Fox


As always, no job too big for Fox Group!


Article by Molly Bradshaw

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